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Create Your Notifications Yearly Subscription

First create an account and login to subscribe for maintaining your serial numbers and found notifications in the server database. Your subscription needs to be created separately from any other purchases. Only one subscription is required to maintain all of your serial number notifications.

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Will notifications still be sent if I don't have an active subscription?

No, the subscription is required to send notifications to you in the event of your item being found and goes towards server costs, storage of the serial numbers and software updates to improve the service.

Answer by Alan Hardwick on 2024-05-25 12:26:17

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I can't view the serial number registrations product in order to register one, how do I gain access?

When your subscription is taken out there will currently be a short delay until we manually activate access to serial number registrations for you. We aim to automate this process in the future so that you gain immediate access after subscribing.

Answer by Alan Hardwick on 2024-05-25 12:30:30

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